Help Keep Ormond Beach Pristine through Coastal Cleanup Events

Wed, Aug 28, 2019 at 11:36AM

Help Keep Ormond Beach Pristine through Coastal Cleanup Events

Long known as the “birthplace of speed,” people from across the country and the globe have flocked to Ormond Beach to enjoy fun in the sun and the friendly atmosphere that still exists in this growing and thriving community. In fact, John D. Rockefeller made Ormond Beach his winter home. Today, The Casements stands as a memory of his connection to the area.

Now, more tourists and locals alike are choosing Ormond Beach for family fun over other regional locales. That’s partly due to the fact there are countless clean and safe areas where friends and loved ones can enjoy a full day at the beach. For instance, Andy Romano Beachfront Park features outdoor grills, picnic areas, accessible restrooms, children’s play areas, and more.

Of course, this commitment to community improvement and environmental sustainability doesn’t happen by accident. Instead, there are many people who remain focused on keeping Ormond Beach the pristine and welcoming city that’s generated worldwide attention.

Read on to discover how you and your family can get involved in cleanup events in and around Ormond Beach this year.

The Importance of Cleanup Events

Every year in September, the Coastal Conservancy hosts an International Coastal Cleanup. As the name suggests, people from all over the country and the world gather in their respective locations on this day to clear beaches and waterways of litter and debris.

Event organizers say over the course of the cleanup’s 30-year run, more than 300 million pounds of trash has been removed from beaches and shorelines. That’s debris that’s not getting into the ocean, threatening the safety and security of marine life.

Local Ways to Get Involved

Awareness about the state of our oceans has increased in recent months, and more people are seeking productive ways to do their part. Experts say this “think globally, act locally” mindset is an ideal way to ensure the long-term health and prosperity of the ocean and its marine life inhabitants.

This year, there are many locations in and around Ormond Beach participating in cleanup events. For example, International Coastal Cleanup programs are slated for September 21 at four sites in Ormond Beach, and many more throughout Volusia County.

In addition, the Halifax/Indian River cleanup features seven county-wide locations this year. Volunteers of all ages are needed. Materials are provided at each site, and the event duration is less than three hours.

Everyday Vigilance

Along with scheduled, yearly cleanup events, experts say keeping the health of the ocean in mind every day is good practice. That’s especially true in an area such as Ormond Beach, where the sun shines most every day of the year. The crystal-clear waters of the ocean and river here attract tourists and locals on a daily basis.

As you visit and walk along the beaches, keep an eye out for litter that can be put in trash bins, and other items that can be recycled. Make sure not to leave anything behind after you’ve had an enjoyable beach day with your friends and loved ones.

Contributing to a Stronger Community

As mentioned, participating in ocean and river cleanups goes far beyond helping marine life survive and thrive. You’ll also make valuable connections with your neighbors, and strengthen the bonds of friendship and family ties with loved ones. In fact, that commitment to kindness and inclusion has been a constant in Ormond Beach from the time Rockefeller lived here, and even earlier.

Each year, more people who visit Ormond Beach return to live here for all or part of the year. One of the most popular neighborhoods in the area is Halifax Plantation. Here, you’ll enjoy the majesty of nature, while still being close to modern amenities. In addition, this community features a top-notch golf course that attracts players from across Central Florida.

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