Halifax Plantation

Phase II Homeowners Association Newsletter

 December, 2003                                                                            July 2003


Housekeeping   Because we mail out the Payment Coupons once a year, this Newsletter is included in the mailing.  However, you know from our last Newsletter that we are trying to use Email instead of snail-mail primarily to save postage.  Most of the homeowners have given us their email address.   We recognize that some households do not have email access and will  therefore leave extra copies of the newsletter at the reception desk in the Clubhouse for pickup.

Fire Station Update     The Design Review Committee (DRC) has approved the site plan and elevation of the new fire station.  The construction is budgeted for the upcoming County fiscal year.  We expect to see land clearing somewhere in the first quarter of next year.  A rendering of the station is available above.

Payment Coupons      Enclosed are the payment coupons for next year.  The Master Association fees again remain at $30!  See your coupon for Sub-Association changes.  Please help us by NOT sending POST-DATED checks.  You may certainly pay multiple months in one check, but please do not ask us to store your pre-payments.

Data Changes       If you change your mailing address or if you sell your home,  you are required to update the Master Association  records.  Remember, we also keep phone numbers and email addresses on file to better serve you, so those changes are also important to us.

Utilities      By now, cable TV should be available in every neighborhood with the possible exception of parts of Section H and parts of Section E.  The cable company also provides high-speed internet access.  Bell South has DSL service in some of the neighborhoods.  Call them for more information.   Volusia County owns the sewer service, water utility, roads and right-of-ways.  Any difficulty in those areas should be reported to them.  However, be aware that the Master Association takes care of the landscaping in common areas and entrances.  By our documents, homeowners are responsible for maintaining the front of their homes up to the street, including the right-of-way, street trees and sidewalk.  If you have a question on this, feel free to call my office on any specific matter. 

Covenants and Restrictions    After looking over the past newsletters, I realized that most of the items I wanted to review have already been addressed.  So as not to be redundant,  I ask you to go over those items like open garage doors, lawn ornaments, signage, parking in driveways,  easement encroachment,  using Golf course paths and satellite dish placement.  The previous newsletters are left on the HOA website for ease of review. Follow the link above.

Three items are worthy or repetition.  When putting out tree trimmings for garbage pickup, there are specific limitations to follow or the service will not make the pickup.  I believe the rule is that branches must be bundled, no longer than 4 feet in length, and no more than 40 pounds.  If in doubt, call the garbage service for more detail.  Another item is dog walking.  I personally thank all of the animal owners for the tremendous cooperation we have received in the “pick-up” process.  The lawn maintenance men, the joggers and the walkers thank you too.  There is still someone out there walking a “horse” on the sidewalk and leaving evidence thereof.  If you see them, get their picture with your cell phone and we will publish it! Finally, be wary of satellite dish installers who tell you the dish cannot be put at the rear of the home.  We are finding that many times it is their reluctance to do the work and not because a signal isn’t available at the rear of the home.  Remember, submit to the DRC for approval prior to installation.

Sidewalks    We continuously get complaints from drivers about the people walking on the street.  If sidewalks are available, use them for your protection.  If something happens, an injured walker will have a difficult time defending their position.  We have scheduled pressure cleaning and mildew spraying for all of the main sidewalks on Acoma, Monahan and Kilarney which do not front on a residence.

Management    We have received one or two letters criticizing the “lack of enforcement” of the covenants and restrictions.   We have stated before that our interpretation of the C & R s is tempered by reason and by what we feel is in the best interest of the vast majority of the community.  If the overwhelming majority of owners wants us to go by the book, we will do so and we all (remember two DRC members live here too) must live with the consequences.  Our philosophy has been to maintain the quality and aesthetics of the community while looking at the big picture.  We are committed not to become like some of the un-bridled neighborhoods around us but we are also committed to making HALIFAX PLANTATION an enjoyable place to live.  I encourage all residents to give input on enforcement matters.  Be assured your ideas will be incorporated into our deliberations, but remember that ultimately the Board of Administrators is responsible for charting our course.  Tells us when you don’t like something, but do take the time to also tell us the good things.

Your Association Board appreciates the cooperation you have given toward making HALIFAX PLANTATION a great place to live.  Your ideas or comments may be directed to tonyu@halifaxplantation.com.


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